RAPID Injection Molding

Plastimold products provides cost effective, high-precision, quality medical injection molding, medical device and medical plastic part manufacturing

In this time of crisis when supplies are scarce, Plastimold Products has an experienced rapid CAD design, 3D prototype printing department, mold making, and plastic injection molding team with the ability to produce plastic injection molded medical products within a few days. 

Our state of the art rapid machinery and process allow us to ramp up production to meet any need necessary.  We are here to help in any way possible.


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Plastic Injection Molding Medical Parts and Devices

  • Ventilator Parts
  • Protective Shields
  • Delivery equipment and components
  • Implantable components
  • Valves and diaphragms
  • Test tubes and other containers
  • Surgical equipment and devices
medical injection molding

A Message To Our Customers

March 28, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

Plastimold is closely monitoring the status of the outbreak. Located in Delray Beach, FL, we are also monitoring the situation in Palm Beach County.

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to escalate in the United States, Plastimold is taking additional preventive measures, such as site entry restrictions and enhanced daily cleaning schedules using sanitizing solutions in high-touch, high-traffic areas, to stop the potential spread of the disease.  We are carefully observing the social distancing practices and other mitigation measures recommended by the CDC to protect our workers and customers.

Plastimold communicates regularly with its suppliers to capture updated status information, and will keep its customers informed of any potential future delays in the delivery of its customers’ orders due to supplier delays caused by the coronavirus.

Thank you and please stay safe!

Trying to find the best plastic injection molding companies in America? Plastimold provides our customers with worry free manufacturing. As injection molding experts, you can have peace of mind knowing Plastimold is taking care of manufacturing your product.

Plastic Injection Molding


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