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For over 20 years, Plastimold Products has been a one-stop-shop for American manufacturing. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find solutions to all your manufacturing needs. We increase your speed to market and help you save time and money without sacrificing the quality.

The Best Quality Injection Molding - Located in Florida!

Combining a fully automated facility with an innovative approach to injection molding gives us a clear advantage over our competition. Maintaining our machinery, operating out of a climate controlled environment, and investing in the latest molding technology enables our shop to run 24/7.  State of the art sensors monitor critical machine metrics and alert management of quality issues and equipment downtime. Investing in the latest technology increases manufacturing efficiency, reduces production costs, and enables us to offer our customers the lowest possible price. Contact us today to learn more.

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Avoid These Overseas Manufacturing Risks

Nobody wants to be responsible for a delayed shipment of bad product. As fast as things move in today's market, it could result in a complete project failure. Below are some of the overseas manufacturing risks to be aware of: 

  • Product failure - parts arrive in America with defects
  • Communication - Language barrier leads to errors, delays, increased costs
  • Deceptive pricing - "landed cost" must be accounted for (shipping, customs, etc.)
  • Shipping - rising costs, port strikes, weather delays, customs issues
  • Intellectual Property Infringement - duplicating your product or using your mold to produce your parts and selling to other customers

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What Our Customers Say...

"We knew working with Plastimold was the right decision when I met the Parisi brothers because they also had full confidence in my product being a success. Also they explained they do all graphics and design work and even the molds in house. Even though we are separate companies they explained they have a vested interest in me doing well. If my company does well both companies succeed."

Mark Hurley


"I flew to meet the gentleman at the factory. I found Joe and Anthony Parisi to be honest and straightforward. I am extremely pleased with all of our transactions. They are very meticulous. They have surpassed my expectations. They helped with engineering and material choices. They worked diligently to meet my timeline. I hope to expand the product line developed and multiply the quantities I need in the future."

Dan McGuffee


Made In America

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